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Vodafone VOXI to offer superfast 5G at no extra cost

Saf Malik
July 16, 2021

Vodafone subbrand offering 15GB data for £110 per month 

VOXI by Vodafone has today announced that all new and existing customers will be offered superfast 5G as standard at no extra cost.

very customer will be able to use the 5G network to download and stream ten times faster – even in bust places, according to the network.

In addition, for a limited time only, customers can claim more data with a deal of 15GB data for £10 per month.

Customers can also receive a 20GB data plan for £15 per month.

The offers both come with unlimited calls and texts, free roaming in 48 European destinations and 5G at no extra cost.

The plans will be available in Vodafone stores from July 29.

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