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Vodafone unveils Disney inspired Neo smartwatch range for kids

Paul Lipscombe
December 3, 2020

Guardians are able to stay in control of Neo via Vodafone’s Smart App

Vodafone has built on its partnership with Disney to unveil a new range of smartwatches.

The range which is called Neo will be available from early 2021 and will feature a host of iconic characters from Disney, Pixel, MARVEL and Star Wars.

Designed specifically for kids, users will be able to stay connected with their parents and guardians through calls and chats.

There is also a front-facing camera installed, while an activity tracker logs how many steps have been recorded.

Parents and guardians are able to have control of the Neo device, via the Vodafone Smart App.

This means parents can approve a contacts, manage screen time and view their child’s location.

The Neo will cost £99 upfront, along with a monthly subscription of £7, when it launches early next year.


Vodafone says it’s aiming to re-invent the smartwatch for kids, and Vodafone Smart Tech MD Lutfu Kitapci echoes this.

“As a flagship product, Neo underlines Vodafone’s investment in the smart tech category. It demonstrates how we are building a platform that has the potential to drive significant value for the business, while also differentiating ourselves in this growing industry.

“By building products with clear use cases, all controlled in one Vodafone smart app, and distributing across multiple markets, we are able to develop consistent feature capabilities deployed across devices.”

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