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Vodafone tempts Galaxy S23 admirers with free finance and guaranteed buy back

Staff Reporter
February 2, 2023

The network goes all out to get customers to pull the trigger on Samsung’s flagship range

Vodafone is tempting customers to treat themselves to a new Samsung Galaxy S23 with up to three years of interest-free finance and a pledge to buy back the device in a year at a guaranteed price.

The network says anyone ordering a Galaxy S23 can save £648 on the price of a new S23 This is with a trade-in allowance of up to £504 for an eligible Samsung phone and another £144 saving if they order a Samsung S23 Series device by February 23 and sign up to on a flexible Vodafone EVO tariff with an Unlimited Max plan with three Xtra benefits.

The Vodafone Phone Buy-Back Guarantee adds to Vodafone’s Trade-in programme which guarantees a price for their current device when they trade it for the new Samsung

Vodafone will also guarantee the trade-in price of an S23 next year if it is traded between February and 1 April 1 2024 plus a Buy-Back bonus of £50 on top of the trade-in value. Buy-back prices in 2024 are between £310 (for the S23 128GB) to £460 (for an S23 Ultra  512GB).

Vodafone is selling the S23 in Cream, Lavender, Green or Phantom Black for £42 a month with a £49 upfront cost when an eligible Samsung device is traded in. The price is based on a three-year device plan of £33 a month and a two-year Unlimited Max airtime plan of £9 a month.

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