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Vodafone strengthens CityFibre partnership to become UK’s largest full fibre broadband provider

Megan Robinson
November 11, 2021

Vodafone is aiming to connect eight million homes with full fibre broadband by spring 2022

Vodafone has expanded its partnership with CityFibre that looks set to make the operator the largest full fibre broadband provider in the country.

The deal will see Vodafone offering its full fibre services to more homes than any other provider in the country, due to investing in partnerships with CityFibre and Openreach.

This deal establishes Vodafone as CityFibre’s anchor partner, as part of CityFibre’s £4bn commitment to connect eight million homes.

Vodafone has set a target of spring 2022 for it to connect eight million homes.

Homes across the UK will soon be able to buy Vodafone full fibre broadband, and the roll out starts in areas of Bradford, Derby, Glasgow, Leicester, and Paisley.

Vodafone Pro Broadband customers will be upgraded to full fibre for free when it reaches their area.

Vodafone UK consumer director Max Taylor said: “Our partnership approach allows us to bring full fibre to more homes than any other provider, ensuring families have more choice and more competitive pricing than ever before.

“We’re set to become Britain’s largest full fibre provider, and we’re making the fastest broadband, with a premium package of features and benefits, even more accessible than ever with this great new offer.”

Vodafone is offering a half price deal on its fastest full fibre 900Mbps Pro package available to all homes reached by the CityFibre network for £30.

CityFibre chief executive Greg Mesch added: “Through our strategic partnership, Vodafone has made a powerful decision to back CityFibre and help establish wholesale infrastructure competition for the UK.”

Pole position

PP Foresight tech, media and telco analyst Paolo Pescatore says the move “reinforces Vodafone as the partner of choice”.

“This latest move allows both companies to up the ante in the race for fibre supremacy and provides CityFibre with long term certainty and reinforces Vodafone’s position as the the partner of choice.

“It significantly propels Vodafone to be in pole position as an aggregator of connectivity as well as services providing users with more choice and raises questions about Virgin Media O2’s position as a wholesale provider of its own network.”

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