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Vodafone revenue share launch delayed ‘so dealers can adjust’

Michael Garwood
June 17, 2013

Payment model to come into force at the start of August instead to help prepare partners for the transition

Vodafone has delayed the launch of its revenue share model until August 1.

The new payment model, which was scheduled to launch on July 1, has been put back to help prepare partners for the transition, the operator said.

All existing Vodafone commercials will be removed from August.

Vodafone head of partner services Rob Mukherjee (pictured) told dealers in an announcement: “Our project team has spent time working closely with partners across all tiers to help refine and develop your new revenue share commercial model, which is now firmly set to launch August 1, 2013.

“We had previously communicated a go live date of July 1 and although the technical infrastructure required to deliver this project will be in a live state from this point, it was felt that running the new system in a parallel state for a month prior to launch would be beneficial.”

A full breakdown of the changes will be explained to partners by their Vodafone partner managers over the next six weeks, the operator said.

A number of regional commercial roadshows are also set to take place in the coming weeks to enable dealers to “delve deeper” into the details of the new model.

All dealers must agree to the new legal terms and conditions by August 1 to continue as a Vodafone partner.

Dealers claim the amount of revenue share paid will vary between silver, gold and platinum partners – ranging from around 35 per cent to 46 per cent.

Payments will also vary depending on whether any upfront payments for connections are requested, they say.

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