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Vodafone to range the Doro 7030 feature phone

Paul Lipscombe
September 2, 2020

This handset is also compatible with Doro’s new Response by Doro service

Doro has enhanced its partnership with Vodafone after announcing its Doro 7030 handset is available through the operator.

Customers can purchase the feature phone now from Vodafone from £65 on pay as you go.

Scandinavian brand Doro specialise in producing handsets designed for the senior demographic.

Doro’s 7030 handset has a clamshell design and is both 4G and WiFi enabled, with WhatsApp and Facebook pre-installed.

Features include easy-to-read display and text, a camera both front and rear facing.

It also has a headphone jack with USB charging port and a GPS enabled response button.

The 7030 is also compatible with the new Response by Doro service.

This service is designed to send pre-selected responders an alert if the senior use is an emergency.

It is activated when the response button is pushed on the back of the device.

This free-to-use feature sends an alert to pre-selected responders and shares a GPS location of the senior user.

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