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Vodafone partners with Oracle to modernise IT infrastructure

Megan Robinson
June 22, 2022

The collaboration will support Vodafone’s tech 2025 goals of providing quality customer experiences, reducing time-to-market of services, and reduce operational costs by using automation

Vodafone and technology communications company Oracle have signed a multi-year deal which aims to modernise Vodafone’s IT infrastructure and speed up its transition to the cloud. 

During this agreement, Vodafone will migrate a large number of systems to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) dedicated region- a managed cloud region that provides Oracle’s public cloud services into Vodafone’s network and data centres. 

This will enable the operator to modernise, automate and manage its critical systems with new technologies and meet the requirements of such applications.

Vodafone will also be able to build new cloud-based applications faster and launch them in multiple markets across the world.

Vodafone chief digital & IT officer Scott Petty said: “As Vodafone focuses on growth, data is key to how we evolve our business, build new capabilities and innovate to meet the needs of our customers.

“The flexibility offered by OCI enables us to build a robust, secure, and extensible cloud platform in our own data centers, while also providing the operational agility and scalability required to support the growth and diversification of our business.”

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure executive VP Clay Magouryk added: “Telecom companies are reimagining their business models to innovate and monetize new opportunities at speed and at scale.

“Vodafone is at the forefront of this thinking, and we are excited to bring the power of OCI to Vodafone’s data centers to support the company and its partners as they fast-track this vision and deliver the next generation of connected services.”

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