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Vodafone launches rapid replacement phone service for businesses

Paul Withers
June 13, 2016

Vodafone Rapid vows to replace lost, stolen or damaged work mobiles within four hours

Vodafone has launched a new service to replace lost, stolen or damaged work mobile phones within four hours of an approved claim being made.

Vodafone Rapid is available on Business Premier, its tariff for small businesses with up to nine employees, and will be available to larger SMBs in the coming months.

Replacement mobiles are delivered by dedicated scooters in London and by courier to addresses across the rest of the country.

In addition, for every hour beyond the four hours that Vodafone is late in delivering these, it will provide the business with £10, up to a maximum of £40.

The launch of the service comes after research conducted on behalf of Vodafone UK by YouGov found the loss in potential revenue to a small business of not having access to their mobiles for one day could be as much as £12,000.

The survey questioned 1,255 senior decision makers from British businesses with less than 10 employees, of which 1,024 have a work mobile. This was done online from May 16-25, 2016.

They estimated they would miss out on almost four new business opportunities in a working day if their work mobile was out of action.

Vodafone said that with the average opportunity valued at more than £3,000, this means each business faces a potential loss of around £12,000.

Just over two thirds (67 per cent) of those surveyed (67 per cent) claimed their mobile phone is “vital” to the running of their organisation.

One fifth have had their phone lost, stolen or damaged rendering it unusable for business but despite this, more than half (55 per cent) don’t have business phone insurance.

Vodafone UK enterprise director Phil Mottram said: “When the potential loss of new business opportunities equates to billions of pounds for small businesses country-wide, and more importantly could mean that a small business misses out on that vital call, it’s business critical to get replacement phones into the hands of business owners as quickly as possible when they find their mobile is lost, stolen or damaged.

“This is where Vodafone Rapid comes in – getting the country’s small business population back up and running with a replacement phone within just four hours.”

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