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Vodafone launches new ‘military-grade’ cybersecurity service for businesses

Jasper Hart
December 10, 2020

New service has three offerings covering business, IoT and mobile

Vodafone has launched a new portfolio of cybersecurity products for businesses called Business Security Enhanced.

The new service comes from a dedicated Vodafone security team, which the MNO says has been providing security to the government and other defence customers since 1989.

Vodafone says the entirety of the offerings is run from in-house data centres to ensure maximum security. The operator says the new offerings are critical in a time of increased remote accessing of sensible data.

The new service comes in three different offerings to cover different aspects of business operations. These are:

  • Cyber Enhanced, which Vodafone calls a “high-performance cybersecurity solution that brings together cybersecurity experts and military-grade technology”. Vodafone is offering customisable levels of managed services for businesses’ in-house cybersecurity teams.
  • IoT Enhanced, which offers custom-built IoT cybersecurity solutions that are tailor-made to the business using them. This offering also features on-shore support and storage solutions to honour UK data sovereignty requirements.
  • Mobile Enhanced, which provides end-to-end encryption, smart automation, and centralised control of a business’ mobile devices, as well as on-shore data storage and support.

“Cybersecurity now goes hand-in-hand with connectivity. Every industry needs connectivity, so every industry needs to protect themselves from cybercrime,” said Vodafone UK business director Anne Sheehan.

“We have more than 30 years of experience working in some of the most sensitive and critical areas, and now we’re making our skills, knowledge and technology available to enterprises across the UK.”

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