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Vodafone launch three new IoT devices

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne
January 14, 2019

New devices come in the form of trackers for pets, luggage and a mini tracker for keys, laptops and bags

Vodafone has announced three new additions to its range of ‘V by Vodafone’ IoT trackers.

The new devices are all GPS trackers and come in the form of a ‘V-Pet tracker by Vodafone’ Pod 3 for pets, the ‘V-Bag tracker by Vodafone’ TrackiSafe Luggage for baggage and a small tracker that can be used to track items such as Laptops, keys and other bags called ‘V-Multi tracker by Vodafone’ TrackiSafe Mini.

TrackiSafe Mini is 39mm wide and 12mm high and weighs less than 20g and can clip onto laptop cases, keys or other objects that are frequently lost.

The new V-pet tracker is waterproof and is ruggedised to survive bad weather and ‘rough and tumble’ from dogs or cats. Owners can also set up ‘Safe zones’ and alert the owners when an pet has strayed outside of the zone.

The final new tracker, V-Bag, is a tracker for customer’s luggage. The device has light sensors, a GPS tracker and can also have ‘safe zones’ set up that alert users when the luggage is taken from a hotel. Luggage can also be tracked anywhere there is a Vodafone network signal and GPS coverage.

Safe zones can be created through the TrakiSafe app which will alert users to the tracker straying from the area as well as if the bag is opened or is moving over a certain speed.

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