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Vodafone introduces three new products to its V range

Paul Lipscombe
July 18, 2018

Parents can set ‘safe zones’ on new V-Kids watch and track when their children enter or leave these areas

Vodafone is expanding its V range with the introduction of two new wearables and a smart home hub.

All three products has been designed to make smart living a reality for the average family, focusing on value for money and ease of mind.

V-SOS band

Vodafone has introduced the new V-SOS wearable that is designed to detect if any elderly or vulnerable family member needs any help.

The device has a fall detection feature and wearers can alert family members if they’re an emergency through pushing the SOS button which shares their GPS location. A traffic light system will show the wearer that the alert has been seen to put their mind at ease.

It is available for £78 plus £4 per month service fee and can last up to a month on one charge, with users alerted if the battery drops below 15 per cent or inactivity.

V-Kids Watch

Children will also be able to benefit from a wearable in the form of the V-Kids Watch, which comes as part of a partnership with Alcatel.

The V-Kids Watch is available for £135 plus a £4 per month service charge and lets parents check their child’s location via GPS tracking and exchange voice messages using the TCLMOVE app.

Children can send alerts directly to their parents smartphones with an SOS button if they need help and parents can follow their location through Google Maps or Apple Maps, providing the child is in area with Vodafone network coverage.

Further to this parents can also set ‘safe zones’ and get notifications if their child enters or leaves these zones.

The V-Kids watch has entertaining features such as a voice changer and games and is also water resistant. It is available in either blue or pink.


Vodafone has also announced V-Home, which is host for a range of smart home devices which is available to buy next month starting from £99 plus the monthly £14 service fee.

Homeowners will be able to build their smart home either individually through the V-Home hub, V-Home safety starter pack, V-Home detection kit and V-Home automation kit.

The V-Home hub is the focal point of the Vodafone smart home and connects all devices together via an easy to use app.

Commenting on the V by Vodafone range, Vodafone UK CEO Nick Jeffery said: “Our aim is to help families creates a smart home simply and without too much expense.”

“Our V by Vodafone products are designed to plug in simply and work via one easy to use app. Together with our new wearables, they will help busy families stay connected and give them peace and mind that their loved ones are safe.”

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