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Vodafone begins deployment of ‘more energy efficient’ mini base stations

Alex Yau
May 31, 2016

The first has been deployed in London, with Vodafone yet to confirm further locations and dates

Vodafone and Ericsson have partnered together to deploy mini base stations they claim are more energy efficient and easier to deploy than regular mobile sites.

Each unit offers 4G mobile connectivity. The briefcase-sized stations are half the size of a regular unit, measuring 291mm high, 105mm wide and weighing 12kg.  Vodafone claims the stations are also less obtrusive and easier to deploy on rooftop areas.

The first station has been installed in Southwark, London, with more being rolled out across the capital and additional urban areas in the future. Vodafone is yet to confirm dates and locations.

Vodafone UK chief technology officer Jorge Fernandes said: “We continue to look at new and innovative ways of providing improved mobile coverage in order to meet our customers’ soaring demand for mobile data and video while minimising disruption to the general public and improving the aesthetics of the surrounding area.”


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