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Vodafone builds on Accenture partnership with updated cybersecurity services for SMEs

Paul Lipscombe
May 6, 2021

This new service boosts Vodafone’s fight against cyber-attacks on SMEs

Vodafone has partnered up with Accenture to offer SMEs a new portfolio of enterprise-grade cybersecurity services.

The partnership sees the launch of Vodafone Managed Security Services, which is designed to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) detect, react to, and recover from cyber-attacks.

It follows on from the strategic partnership that Vodafone and Accenture struck last year.

It comes at a time when cyber attacks on UK businesses is rife.

According to insurance firm Hiscox at least one small business is successfully attacked every 19 seconds, while over 65,000 hacking attempts are made each day in the UK.

Further research from Vodafone has found that successful attacks can cost around £3,000 on average for SMEs.

Strengthens fight against cyber-attacks 

The new Vodafone Managed Security Services strengthens the operator’s existing solutions fighting against cybersecurity.

The new service however adds, cyber exposure diagnostic, penetration testing/vulnerability assessment and phishing awareness.

Another of additional services will also launch soon including breach response, forensic services, managed detection and response, and managed firewall.

Commenting on the new service, Vodafone UK business director Anne Sheehan (pictured) said: “As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated and prevalent, – SMEs need to ensure they are properly equipped to assess, detect and respond to threats as soon as possible.

“All businesses should be future proofing themselves against online threats; not being properly prepared online is no different to leaving the front door unlocked – it leaves you extremely vulnerable.”

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