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Vodafone to build the first 5G private network for oil and gas industry

Paul Lipscombe
August 5, 2020

The operator is working with Centrica Storage at its Easington gas plant

Vodafone has been commissioned to build a private 5G network for Centrica Storage Limited (CSL).

It is the first ever 5G ready mobile private network (MPN) built specifically for the oil and gas industry.

The operator will enable CSL to create a secure ‘fully connected digital ecosystem’ at its Easington gas plant. Centrica is an international energy and service solutions company.

This ecosystem will allow the plant to digitalise a lot of its critical maintenance and engineering operations.

The plant has the ability to assess risk and urgency of repairs in real time, while also streamlining activities.

This will help reduce costs and increase focus on the environment and safety.

The MPN built by Vodafone, runs on Ericsson equipment and will enable the overlay use cases to support a digital maintenance ecosystem.


Employees at the plant will be connected to digital applications across the entire site, which is expected to drive productivity at a cheaper price.

There is also a focus on safety at the plant, with gas emissions being monitored.

Any potential gas emissions will trigger alerts to employees, so that these can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Centrica Storage CEO Greg McKenna said: “The mobile private network will provide Centrica with a conduit through which we can connect a myriad of internet-enabled devices which now range from handheld personal devices to augmented reality headsets.

Vodafone Business CEO Vinod Kumar adds that the MPN will revolutionise the oil and gas industry.

“Mobile private networks will revolutionise the way oil and gas plants are managed by increasing efficiency while also improving workers’ safety.

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