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Vodafone announces Mail Force partnership to extended schools.connected programme

Saf Malik
February 22, 2021

Schools now now apply for SIM cards providing 30GB of data at

Vodafone has today announced a partnership with Mail Force Computers for kids initiative to extend its schools.connected programme. 

This emergency package is intended to help children who are struggling to complete lessons and schoolwork because of poor-quality internet connection. 

YouGov has already offered 350,000 free data SIM cards and reached over 9,000 schools and further educations colleges as part of the schools.connected scheme.

Its latest partnership means 500,000 pupils across the UK will now be given the help they need to get online. 

Schools now now apply for the SIMs at

Headteachers can request a maximum of 80 for secondary and 50 for primary. SIM cards are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis, but priority is given to areas with higher numbers of free school meal pupils. 

Vodafone UK CEO Ahmed Essam said: “We are delighted to be working with the Mail Force Computers for Kids initiative to continue our schools.connected programme. 

“Getting connectivity into the hands of children and young people who need it the most has been our priority throughout the pandemic. 

“By working together we will be able to extend the programme to reach half a million young people right across the UK.”  

I encourage schools and further education colleges to apply – together, we can ensure no child is left behind.”

Daily Mail editor Geordie Greig added: “Our Computers for Kids campaign is dramatically helping to improve lives of children most in need. Now millions of hours of data are being donated to families who have been unable to access online learning for their children – a crucial and wonderful gift. 

We are determined to tackle the digital divide. We’ve raised enough money for MailForce to provide tens of thousands of laptops for the families who need them most, and we are now doing our best to make sure they are connected.

It is great to be working with Vodafone in creating this opportunity for children who would otherwise be missing out on their education.”

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