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Vodafone announces initiative to extend life of mobile phones and encourage reuse and recycling

Megan Robinson
February 23, 2022

Vodafone has made a commitment to reuse, resell or recycle 100 per cent of its network waste by 2025 and eliminate its carbon footprint from all sources by 2040

Vodafone has announced a circular economy plan to extend the life of mobile phones and encourage customers to trade-in or recycle old devices to minimise waste.

Vodafone and Recommerce have created a partnership to offer customers a range of high-quality refurbished smartphones at retail.

The operator will encourage customers to return any mobile device and if possible, will recycle or repurpose them for charitable causes.

From Spring 2022 in Europe, Vodafone customers will be offered services including insurance, support and repairs for devices.

Vodafone will also launch a digital platform for customers to agree trade-in options for their phones.

Vodafone group chief commercial officer Alex Froment-Curtil said: “Vodafone has a leading role to play in developing and driving a circular economy for mobile devices that significantly reduces their impact on the  environment.

“We are pioneering a comprehensive, digital offering that makes it easier for our customers to extend  the life of their current smartphone, or to buy and own a refurbished device.”

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