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Vodafone 4G roaming countries hits 71 with eight new additions

Paul Withers
October 21, 2015

Dominican Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Kenya, Morocco, Monaco, Slovakia and UAE added, enabling customers to use their monthly UK allowances overseas

Vodafone had added eight new countries to its 4G roaming destinations, taking the total to 71 – more than any other UK provider.

The new additions are the Dominican Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Kenya, Morocco, Monaco, Slovakia and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Customers on a Vodafone Red bundle can use their UK minutes, texts and data in these 71 destinations from £3 extra a day. There is no charge to receive calls or texts, with customers only paying for the days they use their device.

They can also opt into Vodafone EuroTraveller and Vodafone WorldTraveller – whether on 4G or not – in more than 60 counties. Both are available on all contract price plans and selected business price plans. There is a data spending cap of £36.39.

Vodafone Business Traveller is also available for those on Business Freedom plans. They pay the same as they do in the UK for calls, texts and data from an extra £3 a day when using their phone anywhere in Vodafone’s Europe Zone or £6 a day in top business destinations such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore and USA.

The operator has also introduced new additional spending caps (£200 in Europe and £500 in Rest of World) for its business customers who decide not to opt into Vodafone Business Traveller. Alternatively, they can opt into the existing £36.39 data spending caps.

With all caps, customers are sent free text alerts when they reach 80 per cent of their monthly spending limit. Once the cap is reached, they will not be able to use the mobile internet overseas for the rest of the month unless they text ‘UNCAP’ to 40209 or call customer services.

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