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Virgin Mobile launches cost-effective Family Plans

Paul Lipscombe
August 21, 2019

The main account holder has access to each individual plan

Virgin Mobile has
launched a Family Plan offer to give its customers a simpler way of
managing multiple mobile plans.

The plan is available
exclusively to Virgin Media customers and provides a single account
for multiple SIMs, with customers able to add up to five mobile plans
onto a single account.

Customers are also
given a £2 monthly discount for every eligible SIM taken after the
first, with savings of up to £96 a year on offer, according to

The main account holder
can monitor each individual plan and manage the data and device usage
via the My Virgin Mobile app. Other family members can also check
their own usage through the app.

The plan also includes
online security features at no extra cost, such as monitoring time
limits, app control, content blocking and a location finder.

Virgin Mobile executive
director Annie Brooks said: “Our Family Plan aims to take some of
the pressure off parents, making their family’s mobile services
simple, affordable and safe.

“Together with our
unrivalled ultrafast broadband and fully loaded TV services, our
Family Plan gives customer the ultimate line up of fast, flexible and
reliable connectivity in home and on the go.”

Virgin Mobile’s
flexible plans come with data rollover plus data-free WhatsApp,
Facebook Messenger and Twitter as standard.

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