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Uswitch: Brits spend on office equipment hits almost £2bn since lockdown

Paul Lipscombe
July 1, 2020

Despite lockdown measures easing many UK businesses are still operating remotely

New research from Uswitch has revealed that Brits have spent almost £2 billion on office equipment since the start of the lockdown. 

The report found that seven million people (41 per cent) have spent £233 on average to improve their home workspace. 

Over half a million respondents spent more than £500 on office equipment, with headphones (2.2 million) the most purchased item. 

Other technology items in this list included laptops, with 1.7 million units sold since lockdown began. While 1.3 million printers have been sold during this period. 

Despite lockdown restrictions beginning to lift Uswitch broadband expert Nick Baker expects many to continue working productively from home. 

“Employees are realising that having a stable broadband connection isn’t the only thing they need to work from home, with millions buying new headphones, laptops and desks to create their own mini-offices.

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