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“Unreliable broadband” set to frustrate Euro 2016 viewers

James Pearce
June 7, 2016

Study by Boosty gives streaming speeds the red card with 24pc of Brits claiming broadband is slow and unreliable in the evenings

British football fans could face a frustrating time trying to watch this year’s European Championships, with 24 per cent claiming their broadband is slow and unreliable during most evenings.

FIFA figures claim 280 million people watched the 2014 World Cup on mobile devices or online.

According to Boosty, more than 40 per cent of UK households has five or more connected devices, slowing down speeds. 14 per cent said they see the slower speeds on weekends.

Boosty CEO Paul Evans said: “Almost 40 per cent of households now have five or more connected devices competing for internet access at any given time, but dodgy broadband connections mean football fans streaming the Euros could be left sweating.

“Imagine the rage fans will feel if they miss a crucial Rooney penalty due to a frozen screen, or they get the dreaded spinning wheel of death just as Vardy is through on goal.

“With a bumper summer of sport on the way – including Wimbledon and the Olympics – fans need to check today whether their broadband is up to scratch. There’s still time for consumers to invest in a tech fix to boost broadband speed, befriend the nearest neighbour with a satellite dish, or even grab a last minute flight to France!”

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