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Union Street launches price-adjusting service for resellers

Staff Reporter
January 16, 2023

New service conceived in response to inflationary pressures

Union Street Technologies has brought out a new product called RPI Increase Service, to help react to inflation by enabling their partners to make price increases to products and services across an entire customer base.

The RPI Increase Service enables resellers to give the work to Union Street consultants. Prices can be changed by a percentage increase or the value.

“Union Street introduced the service in response to the massive increases in inflation seen over the past year,” said Union Street’s Product Owner, Samantha Dennahy

Dennahy: service produced in response to “massive increases in inflation”

“Many resellers, especially those with larger bases, were experiencing challenges increasing their prices in response to inflation. We developed our RPI Increase Service to help them overcome these challenges. Resellers across the ICT channel have seen the cost of their services go up dramatically, forcing them to increase prices and pass on costs to their customers. Depending on the complexity of a reseller’s estate, increasing prices across a customer base can be a labour-intensive exercise with high potential for human error” .

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