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Turned out Nice again: new image for UC specialists

Matthew Cook
August 16, 2018

After 32 years of trading CCS has rebranded to the Nice Network as it aims to expand

Sunderland-based Unified Communications specialists formerly known as CCS has announced its rebranding name as the Nice Network, also aiming to double its headcount by 2020.

Nice Network provides telecommunications and IT services to customers including Nike UK, Puma, Newcastle United, Esh Group and Russell Hobbs.

Trading for 32 years, the Unified Comms specialist is well known for selling the first mobile phone handset in the North East, but now look to expand its reach with its new branding.

The rebranding is led by Nice Network head of sales Geoff Burns and head of marketing Nikki Lee. Rebranding company Eunoia and Partners are also helping to deliver the programme.

Lee said: “Working with Eunoia and Partners really gave us the confidence to be brave and to be a bit different with the new name and the look and feel of our marketing materials.

“The new brand represents what we are doing anyway, but it also represents a commitment to maintaining that standard in the future, to being that nice team that people want to work with in the long term.”

Eunoia and Partners co- founder and managing director George Belias has a track record of delivering brand projects for clients such as Nike, Illy Coffee and Citroen, and has utilised his internationally-based design and creative network to develop the new brand.

Belias said: “The fantastic thing about working with Nice Network was that the team were not just willing, but keen, to do something really different. To do something bold.

“And the new look and feel really does capture not only the business they already are, but the business they want to be in the future.”

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