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TIP establishes Open Fixed Access Networks sub-group with major operators

Megan Robinson
October 25, 2022

An Open Fixed Access Networks Use Case Document has been released which outlines the objectives for this area of work

The Telecom Infra Project (TIP) Fixed Broadband Project Group has introduced the Open Fixed Access Networks sub-group in collaboration with major operators including Telefonica, TIM and Vodafone. 

The sub-group aims to address the specific challenges that are most important when building the access networks to meet consumer needs.

The work will focus on improving interoperability and diversity in the access network, speeding up innovation through modernisation of operations and deployment architectures, and boosting capacity by transitioning to a network with higher bandwidth.

The objective is to drive the deployment of open, disaggregated and interoperable access technologies which enables operators to mix and match supplier solutions and improve operating efficiencies.

Bruno Cornaglia, Fixed Access Senior Manager at Vodafone said: “In Vodafone, we see that openness and disaggregation are key principles that allow us to build the flexible and agile network we need to support our evolving customer needs. Our work in this area complements similar work elsewhere in the network, for example with OOPT and OpenRAN, and we’re excited that this project will help realise these same benefits in the fixed access network.”

Jose Torrijos Gijon, Technology Expert, Telefonica GCTIO said: “At Telefonica, we fully support this new project as the next step towards the commercialisation and deployment of technologies based on robust and mature industry standards. Ultimately we believe the Open Fixed Access Networks project will play a critical role in the adoption of new technologies and new services as we prepare for the next stage of evolution in our access networks.”



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