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Three’s users average more than 10GB of data per month

Jasper Hart
September 19, 2019

Site upgrades to improve 4G speeds while 5G rolls out

Three UK has announced that its customers exceeded 10GB of average monthly data usage in the month of July.

Average monthly customer data usage stood at 10.4GB, a vast increase on Ofcom’s most recently publicised UK average of 2.9GB.

The MNO’s announcement comes as it revealed its 4G network upgrade, developed in tandem with its 5G rollout until 2023, will see upgrades delivered to 6,000 sites carrying 80 per cent of its traffic.

These upgrades include new antennas and new 1,400MHz (L-band) spectrum. Three is also recycling some of its 3G spectrum over to 4G, which will see speed improvements of up to 40 per cent at around 12,500 sites.

Three UK CEO David Dyson said: “5G is a game changer for Three’s current and future customers. It will bring faster speeds, a better experience and masses of capacity which will benefit our 4G customers as well.  While we are investing heavily in 5G, 4G is still very important for our mobile and home broadband services.

“These upgrades will ensure that our data hungry customers are getting the best possible 4G experience as 5G rolls out.”

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