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Three teams with Callsign to tackle SIM-swap fraud

Jasper Hart
April 24, 2019

Callsign is also looking to expand into other countries served by Hutchinson operators

Identity authentication company Callsign has struck a partnership deal with a division of 3 Group owner CK Hutchison.

The partnership with CKH Innovations Opportunities Development (IOD) will see Three UK become the first 3 Group operator to enable Callsign’s customer protection offering.

The two companies are initially collaborating on stopping SIM-swap fraud, which occurs when a fraudster obtains a customer’s details through a phishing email or call and uses them to get a new SIM with the same number from that person’s operator.

BBC Watchdog last year reported that network shop staff were fairly lax when dealing with people who claimed their original SIM had been lost or stolen, thus unwittingly enabling fraud.


Callsign uses AI to judge whether a device is being used by its original owner. It analyses location and usage behaviour gathered by an app which only works if the operator that provides the phone is working with Callsign.

“3 Group shares a lot of the same passion as us, especially when it comes down to fraud. It has a drive around being the most secure network and protecting its customers,” said Callsign head of partnerships Ryan Gosling.

Gosling said Callsign is looking to expand into other countries served by Hutchison operators, including Indonesia and Italy.

He added that the company also wants to make fraud prevention processes less cumbersome for consumers: “There is a lot of authentication which is very clunky.

“We want to give a frictionless journey to our customers; if we’ve got more intelligence about a genuine user’s behaviour, we’re able to do that.”

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