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Three Business research reveals Brits are working from the high street to save on costs

Megan Robinson
November 30, 2022

92pc are looking for ways to reduce energy costs

Three Business research has revealed that more British office workers are planning to work from the high street to save on commuting and energy bills. 

Of the 2,000 surveyed, 70 per cent are concerned about how working from home is impacting their energy bills and 66pc are worried about commuting costs. 

Three Business is working with three independent cafes in Birmingham to provide a package to turn them into flexible working hubs.

A connectivity grant is also being given to the cafes, equipping them with two years of free 5G business broadband- alongside a hot drink tab for local office workers.

The campaign arrives as 66pc of office workers say they want to give more support to local businesses during the cost of living crisis.

Flexible work

Nearly half of office workers said they would work from an independent cafe if given the choice, and 71pc said they would work from their local cafe if it would help them during economic instability.

However, 49pc are worried about poor or unreliable internet connection in their local cafe, but 74pc said they would try it if the WiFi could be trusted.

Snehal Bhudia, Director, Three Business said: “Everyone is concerned about the current inflationary pressures, whether that’s local businesses being worried about demand for their services and costs of running their business, or workers who face higher home energy bills and more expensive commutes. 

“Working from the high street is a win-win for everyone – bringing much-needed footfall to local businesses while giving workers a little respite. We’re doing our bit to support by raising awareness and providing strong connectivity to make it happen.”

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