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Tesco Mobile and Assurant offer enhanced trade-in service

Staff Reporter
January 17, 2023

Money and vouchers to encourage trade-ins

Tesco Mobile has partnered with Assurant to launch a trade-in service, allowing Tesco Mobile users to donate their old devices in exchange for money or a Tesco voucher. 

Customers can visit the Assurant Tesco Mobile trade-in website to receive an instant valuation for their mobile phone or device. Customers who accept the offer can then receive the device value as a cash deposit into their bank account or as a Tesco e-Gift Card, with most devices and payments processed within five working days.

The initiative forms part of Tesco Mobile’s drive to sustainability and value for customers. 

 “ Partnering with Assurant is just another way we’re helping our customers save money – by turning their old mobiles or tablets into cash or vouchers. It’s also an opportunity to help reduce waste by enabling the resale of used devices, reducing the number of mobile phones in landfill,” said Tesco Mobile chief customer officer Rachel Swift.

 : “We are proud to partner with Tesco Mobile, to help consumers by putting money back in their pockets in exchange for their used devices. When a pre-owned device is repurposed, it means a new device does not need to be manufactured which avoids producing CO2 emissions and also reduces the amount of minerals needed to be mined to produce the device.”  added Assurant UM managing director Chris Woolnough


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