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Telefónica Digital launches security company

Samantha Tomaszczyk
June 7, 2013

Eleven Paths will create cyber security products to protect Telefónica (O2) customers from online fraud, e-crime and threats brought about by BYOD

Telefónica Digital has launched a new digital security company to protect business and consumer customers against online fraud, e-crime and security threats brought about by trends such as BYOD (bring your own device).

‘Eleven Paths’ will be headed by Chema Alonso, former CEO of security company Informática 64, who will bring a number of employees from his former company with him.

The business will create cyber security products to tackle malware and other security risks which are moving into the tablet and smartphone space.

Eleven Paths CEO Chema Alonso said: “We want to radically change the way companies provide security services to customers and big corporations. The digital world is changing the rules and security services need to adapt to this new challenge very fast.

“For us, the agreement means having the ability to create professional solutions in a faster and increasingly globalised market like the world of security. Threats are growing daily, as is the integration of our lives into the digital world; without a global platform like Telefónica Digital, with a string presence in all layers of the internet, it is nowadays impossible to create these kind of innovative security solutions.”

Chema will report directly into Matthew Key, CEO of Telefónica Digital. He said: “As more and more data is held and accessed in the cloud and through an ever increasing number of devices, the integrity of this data is critical as threats become more sophisticated.

“In Chema and his team we have world leaders in information security who bring the necessary skills in this area to reflect the nature of the market and bring the right solutions to our customers.”

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