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Tackling Growth: 5G conversion could kick £139 million into UK rugby economy

Staff Reporter
April 11, 2024

The integration of 5G into UK rugby stadiums could boost the sport’s economy by £139 million each year by 2029 says a forecast by Development Economics into impact of advanced connectivity on professional sports.

The Vodafone-commissioned research claims an increase in revenue is expected from improved hospitality and ticketing strategies enabled by 5G.

Sales of virtual reality seats for sold-out rugby matches could generate £115 million in annual ticket sales by 2029. This is a 103 per cent increase from current levels. Also. streamlined food and beverage services around stadiums using 5G could generate an extra £24 million.

5G, will give fans an at-seat, real-time viewing experience – even when the game is sold out

Max Taylor, CEO of Vodafone UK, emphasized 5G’s role in driving economic growth and revitalizing professional sports, with an estimated additional £139 million in rugby revenues within the next five years.

Max Taylor, CEO of Vodafone UK, said: “ These figures are examples of why we need to invest in the necessary infrastructure needed to make 5G standalone a reality for the UK, and why our proposed combination with Three UK would give us the scale and investment required.” 

Taylor: “we need to invest in the necessary infrastructure needed to make 5G standalone a reality”

The report says 5G can enhance sustainability in sports by integrating IoT and AI to reduce stadium carbon emissions. .

Vodafone has created The 5G Match Day, an interactive infographic summary of the report.

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