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Tablets outselling PCs by 264 per cent in Irish market

Mobile News
April 3, 2013

Sharp growth in sales attributed to Christmas gifting market for seven inch devices

At the end of last year 264 per cent more tablets were sold in Ireland than notebooks and desktop computers combined.

According to market analyst firm GfK, the growth was due to the number of smaller, seven inch tablets that were released in the run up to Christmas with a large number given as gifts over the festive period.

Sales have slowed for the first three months of this year but, according to the firm, tablets still make up 57 per cent of all computing products sold so far this year.

GfK account executive Robyn Tovey said: “Our research suggests this trend will continue throughout 2013, as lower prices will continue to drive sales of these devices (tablets).

“However, the market will become increasingly interesting as more hybrid devices (for example, a notebook that has a detachable keyboard, making it a hybrid between a notebook and a tablet) begin to hit retail shelves.”

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