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Swycha: only 7pc of parents purchase a refurbished mobile phone

Megan Robinson
March 30, 2022

The study revealed that the average age children are gifted their first phone is 10

Only seven per cent of parents are purchasing devices from a refurbished mobile phone website, with just 15pc gifting a second hand phone from a relative or friend to their child.

A study published by refurbished mobile phone website Swycha showed fewer parents are giving their children second hand phones as 46pc of children ask for a specific model to keep up with new trends.

Research revealed 71pc of UK parents bought a brand new phone for their child in the last two years, with 39pc paying over £200 upfront for their child’s phone. 

A third of those surveyed said they pay over £50 a month for their child’s mobile phone contract, while only 14pc of children are using a pay-as-you-go sim card.

Of the 2000 surveyed, 43pc said they bought their child a new mobile phone even though they couldn’t afford it, instead of gifting second-hand devices.

Swycha chief executive officer Tom Newbald said: “From our research it’s clear to see that as a parent right now, it’s increasingly hard to buy affordable, yet quality phones for children and still manage all of the other costs that are skyrocketing. 

“More parents are buying brand-new devices as opposed to opting to buy a refurbished mobile phone for their children from alternative websites.”

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