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Samsung seeks to be first with 5G phone as it unveils Galaxy S10 range

Paul Lipscombe
February 25, 2019

Korean manufacturer will be competing with Chinese vendors to bring the first 5G device to market

Samsung has set out its intentions to be the first manufacturer to deliver a 5G smartphone later this year.

The manufacturer plans to add a 5G variant of its S10 flagship range, announced last week, which includes the S10, S10 Plus and S10e, a smaller version of the S10. The 4G devices are due for release on March 8.

During the event, Samsung revealed the S10 5G smartphone, which is poised for a summer release.

Speaking to Mobile News, Samsung director for product, services and commercial strategy Kate Beaumont said Samsung wants to be at the “front line” of 5G.

She said: “I think initial 5G take-up will be a little bit slower than what 4G was in the UK. However, we still want to be at the front line of that.

“We want to be the first, but we also want to be the best with 5G. However, we will not compromise on delivering the best experience possible just to be first.”

With Huawei and OnePlus previously announcing strong intentions to be the first to unveil a 5G handset, Beaumont says that such rivalry is a benefit for the market.

“It’s always important to keep an eye on what the competition is doing, and this competition is really good for our market,” she says. “It challenges all of us manufacturers to ensure we are bringing out the right devices and pushes us to innovate.”

Display and Battery

The 5G smartphone will feature the biggest display and battery of the devices in the S10 range, with a 6.7-inch screen and a 4,500mAh battery.

It will also include a 3D depth-sensing camera on the front and rear, so users can make 3D measurements.

There are four cameras on the rear of the S10 5G and an additional dual camera set-up on the front.

Another new addition is the wireless power-sharing feature, which allows for reverse wireless charging on the back of the handset – a feature that works with compatible wearables too.

The 5G handset also enables superfast charging, a unique feature in the range that Beaumont says is needed to deliver the best 5G experience.

“The power-share charging is an exciting feature, with the added superfast charging on the 5G phone. We have designed the phone in a way that makes it able to deal with the heavy consumption on the battery.”

All four phones in the Galaxy S10 portfolio come with the power-sharing feature, but differ in screen size, with the S10e the smallest at 5.8 inches, the S10 at 6.1 inches and the S10+ at 6.4 inches.

The S10e comes equipped with a 16MP and 12MP rear dual camera and a 10MP front-facing camera, while the S10 and S10+ have a rear triple camera and dual camera on the front.

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