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Revolut and 1Global launch eSIM service to eight million UK Revolut customers

Staff Reporter
February 13, 2024

Unicorn fintech Revolut has partnered with 1Global to launch an eSIM service to millions of Revolut customers offering data plans without unexpected roaming charges in over 100 countries.

1Global is the new brand for Truphone, The partnership allows Revolut customers to install the eSIM and top up their data plans in their Revolut app whenever they need. Revolut is a global financial app with over 35 million customers worldwide and more than eight million in the UK. 

Revolut is marketing and selling the eSIM as an agent of T 1Global which is the service provider of the data plans

The Revolut eSIM can only be used on the device that they were purchased even if the Revolut app is on another device as well, ). Users can have up to 15 active eSIM Data Plans on each of their devices at any time.

Customers on Revolut’s Ultra plan will now have access to 3GB of data which they can use globally each month.

All Revolut customers in the UK will receive an offer of 100MB of mobile data for free until May 1.

 Luc Vidal, Head of M2M/IoT Business and Mobility Innovation at international connectivity enabler, BICS. commented:

This is an interesting move from Revolut and one that could ignite the eSIM market with more digital-first businesses looking at including eSIMs as part of their offering. It may not be long before it is commonplace for consumers to have multiple numbers linked to their device using eSIMs, which can be from different operators and serve different purposes. For example, one for personal use, one for travel abroad, one for business and even one for their favourite sports content provider”


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