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Retailers hit by Samsung S4 delay due to ‘high demand’

Mobile News
April 26, 2013

Customers warned not all pre-orders will be fulfilled at launch for new Galaxy handset

Retailers and networks have warned customers waiting for the S4, handsets are unlikely to be available in store at launch due to supply constraints from Samsung.

Those who pre-ordered the device will have priority with all of the retailers, however some may still face a wait for their handsets depending on when they ordered.

The manufacturer is reportedly having supply problems due to demand for the handset with networks in the US pushing launch back until the end of May.

Vodafone yesterday (April 25) told customers demand for pre-orders had outstripped its supply of the handset with those it had available being shipped out today. No information was available as to when other pre-order customers would receive their handset.

O2 told Mobile News those who pre-ordered before April 19 would receive the device today and any other orders would be sent our ‘from April 27’ with customers being informed by SMS when they will receive their handset.

A spokesperson for Carphone Warehouse said: “We will ensure that every customer impacted by any supply issues is contacted and informed of the likely delivery of their new handset.

“We have seen huge customer interest in the Samsung Galaxy S4. Our number one priority is our customers and we are working hard to ensure that we fulfil as many pre-orders for the handset as possible.”

A Phones 4U spokesperson said: “Phones 4u has been informed by Samsung that stock of the Galaxy S4 handset will be in short supply across the market this launch weekend due to unprecedented demand. Our absolute priority is our customers who have pre-ordered the handset, and the stock we have received will be used to fulfil pre-orders first. Our first delivery will go out to those pre-order customers as expected at launch, but there may be a delay to some customers who have pre-ordered their Galaxy S4 more recently.

“All available stock will be used to fulfil pre-orders before going into our stores and we are working with Samsung to ensure that all pre-orders and sales across our other channels are fulfilled as quickly as possible. We anticipate that handsets will be in store next week but cannot confirm an exact date at this time.”

A Three spokesperson added: “There is huge global demand and interest in the Samsung S4 – which is launching globally this weekend. As such Samsung have notified us that they are experiencing stock constraints

“We understand that this may be frustrating for customers waiting for their phone or who wish to buy immediately. We are working closely with Samsung and we are regularly updating our customers and channels on any developments with stock, to ensure our customers receive their phones as soon as possible.”

An EE spokesperson said: “We’ve seen huge demand for the Galaxy S4, but unfortunately we have received fewer devices than anticipated. We’re currently prioritising pre-order customers on a first-come, first-served basis, and we’re working with Samsung to fulfil all remaining pre-orders as swiftly as possible.”

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