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Pre-orders open for iPhone 6 smartphones

Paul Withers
September 12, 2014

iPhone 6 free on a 4G contract from £43.50 per month, with the larger model £5 per month more expensive 

The Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are now available to pre-order in the UK.

The new smartphones, which were announced by the technology manufacturer alongside the Apple Watch on Tuesday, are available from all major mobile retailers and operators. They go on sale a week today.

At both Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4u, the 16GB, 64GB and 128GB iPhone 6 models are free from £43.50pm, £48.50pm and £53.50pm on 24 month contracts respectively.

The iPhone 6 Plus is free from £53pm at Carphone Warehouse, with upfront charges varying for the 128GB variant. It is free from £48.50pm (16GB), £53.50pm (64GB) and £58.50pm (128GB) at Phones 4u and free from £53.50pm (16GB), with upfront charges varying for the remaining two models.

Phones 4u chief marketing officer Scott Hooton said it has seen the amount of interest in the new iPhones double compared to last year’s releases of the iPhone 5s and 5c.

“Excitement for Apple’s latest smartphones is in full throttle – the number of people who have registered for more information about the new iPhones has more than doubled since 2013 and as a result, we’re prepared to meet demand with better stock than ever before.

“We also understand that every year, people not only want the latest iPhone, but they want it as soon as possible. That’s why this year, we’re helping people beat the queues and pre-order the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to either collect from their local Phones 4u store or have delivered directly to their homes.”

At Vodafone, the 16GB model of the iPhone 6 is free from £48.50pm, with upfront charges varying for the remaining two models. The iPhone 6 Plus 16GB is also available from £48.50pm but with an upfront charge of £179. Again, upfront charges vary on the two bigger models.

Three customers will have to pay £99 per month up front for all three iPhone 6 models with different monthly charges for the 16GB (£45), 64GB (£50) and 128GB (£55). The iPhone 6 Plus is also available with a £99 upfront cost for the 16GB (£51 per month) and 64GB (£56 per month) models. The 128GB models costs £119 upfront on a £60 per month contract. All prices quoted are on unlimited data plans although 1GB and 2Gb tariffs are available.

Tesco is not adding an upfront charge for either device. The iPhone 6 will be available from £41pm (16GB), £45pm (64GB) and £48.50pm (128GB), while the iPhone 6 Plus will be available from £45pm (16GB), £49.50pm (64GB) and £53.50pm (128GB).


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