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Poor S9 performance sees Samsung revenue slump

Elliot Mulley-Goodbarne
July 31, 2018

South Korea firm took KRW 4.45 trillion (£3.02Bn) less in the mobile sector in the second quarter compared to Q1

Samsung have reported a decline in quarter on quarter in shipments of its flagship devices, the Galaxy S9 and S9+.

The South Korean giant ended the second quarter of this year making KRW 24 trillion (£16.3Bn) in sales revenues and KRW 2.67 trillion (£1.8Bn) on operating profit throughout the whole of its IT and Mobile business.

These results mark the first full quarter in which the new flagships have been available in since the launch at MWC in late February which boosted Q1 sales to KRW 28.45 trillion (£19.3Bn).

Year on year sales results also declined KRW 6.01 trillion (£) with operating profits also falling from KRW 4.06 trillion (£2.75Bn) to KRW 2.67 trillion (1.87Bn).

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