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Plan strikes partnership with BT Wholesale

Paul Lipscombe
October 21, 2021

Plan’s customers will have access to the EE network from early next year’s customers and resellers will from early next year have access to the EE network as Plan becomes a Virtual Network Operator for BT Wholesale.

This will add to the O2 availability that has been offered by Plan.

Plan customers and partners will have access to BT Group’s EE network as well as VoLTE and VoWIFI services and will be able to manage their devices through the my.plan platform which users access the ability to to connect, configure and manage their mobile and hosted services and get usage metrics in real time.

“BT’s MVNO market has been traditionally for the consumer market. We are now looking at the enterprise sector as an area of growth”, said Nick Wootten, MVNO director of BT Wholesale.

“We’ve known the Plan management team a long time and the platform is a good fit for us to take that step. We are expecting big things. Within the enterprise market there has been a demand for a high quality mobile network experience, which is what the EE network is.

“In any MVNO the timing has to be right for both parties and for us this time has now come. We’ve had conversations for some time and we are looking forward to the partnership. This is BT Wholesale’s first big partnership in the enterprise market. Wholesale (of airtime) is really important to BT and its aim is to maximise BT’s overall market share. The more people we can get on the network the better.” co-founder and sales director Keith Curran (pictured) added: “This is truly unified communications. If you delve into what others are doing, none of them use just ‘one pane of glass’. You might get an IoT product from there, a hosted solution from there and a mobile solution from over there. But you could never get that truly unified position.

“The idea we looked at years ago was to build a software platform where you connect whatever you wanted to and the customer sees it all in one place. Myplan was always about multiple connectivity for us and our partnership with BT Wholesale is another step towards that vision.

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