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FOLLOW US lauches new customer portal for partners’ customers

Alex Yau
December 16, 2014

New partner portal launched last week allows end-customers full access to their billing information online

O2 airtime distributor has launched its new customer portal which will give its partners’ customers access to their billing information.

The portal will allow customers real-time usage and billing information, call details and archived records of previous bills. Customers will also be able to are also able to make account changes and raise tickets for requests.

“We’ve been working hard to give our partners and customers the tools they need to keep things simple. gives customers and their mobile partners exactly that, complete transparency and real time account management, with the click of a button,” said operations director Chad Willard.

“We offer a true partnership and have been asking for honest feedback from our partners on how we can better support them to grow their businesses. Their answer was simple, customer service. We live in a 24 hour world and customers expect support around the clock. By giving them the tools to do just that we are meeting that demand and there is plenty more to come in 2015.”

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