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Phones 4U launches new JUMP tariff

Mobile News
February 10, 2012

New JUMP tariff launched today by Phones 4U allows customers to upgrade devices every six months and will be rolled out across entire estate by May

Phones 4U today officially launched a new contract option which allows customers to upgrade their handsets every six months.

JUMP (Just Upgrade My Phone) provides customers with two separate contracts one for airtime and one for a top tier handset. Under the deal customers are tied to their network operator for 24 months and a Phones 4U contract for their handset.

The value of the handset taken on the contract, is divided by the 24 months to decide the amount paid each month.

JUMP contracts, which are available on all networks, are charged up to £3.99 per month to a comparable handset and airtime deal, but allow the customers to upgrade after just six months.

Customers wanting to switch handsets are able to do so by transferring what they owe on their original device onto a new 24 month handset plan after six months. This can be reduced by trading in their existing device, guaranteed a minimum of £100, or paying the difference in cash.

The offer has been trialled in 100 Phones 4U stores since May 2011 and was rolled out to the retailers 586 today, becoming available to all of them by May.

Phones 4U claims sales in trial stores has risen by 15 per cent since the launch of JUMP.

Handsets currently available under the offer include the Apple iPhone 4S, the Nokia Lumia 800, the Samsung Galaxy SII and the HTC Sensation. No more than 10 top tier devices will be available on the contract at any one time.

Phones 4U Director of Customer Development Alistair Firth (pictured) said:“Technology is moving fast and innovative handsets are launching all the time on the market but to date there’s been a disconnect between the frequency of smartphone releases and the length of mobile phone contracts on offer.

“We want to give our customers the freedom to own the very latest smartphones like the iPhone 4S without having to wait 18-24 months for an upgrade.”

Phones 4U will focus heavily on the JUMP offering when it refreshes its above the line marketing campaign at the end of April.

Firth said the new multi million pound campaign would focus on outdoor, print, in store and TV advertising when it launches but was unable to comment on the finer details of the push.

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