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People could save £400 by keeping their devices a year longer before trading them in – Asurion

Staff Reporter
June 21, 2023

UK customers could save more than £400 each on average by extending the life of their smartphones, tablets or laptops by a year according to a report by Asurion Europe 

The report maintains the UK population could be saving over £18.8 billion by keeping their devices for an additional year then trading them in. It would also save the equivalent of 0.9 per cent of the country’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

Customers are however reluctant to extend device life due to inconvenience of repair, a lack of awareness of how to dispose of e-waste, or wanting the latest models.

Society needs to be more aware of how to responsibly replace or dispose of devices. Tech protection can cover device maintenance, installation, optimisation, repair and trade-in options saving customers money while reducing their environmental footprint’ said Gavin Miller, CEO, Asurion Europe.

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