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Parents ‘bribing’ kids with £500 gadgets to do well academically, claims Currys PC World

Alex Yau
August 17, 2016

The technology retailer surveyed the spending habits of 1,515 parents in August

A new report by Currys PC World shows that parents are spending more than £500 on technology to ‘bribe’ their children into doing well at school.

The research was conducted this month and had a sample of 1,515 parents. The technology retailer found that 64 per cent of those surveyed purchased tablets, laptops, games console and mobile phones to reward their kids for good behaviour and academic success. This was done more than five times a year by 12 per cent of those in the survey.

Over 38 per cent of the sample believed that rewarding their children with tech would push their children to perform better in school. The average spend amongst those surveyed was £293. Those living in London, however, would spend as much as £501 on a reward. 72 per cent said such an approach had a positive effect on their childrens’ lives.

Currys PC World computing commercial director Phil Samuels said: “With the wealth of tech products now available and so engrained in children of today’s lives, it’s no wonder that parents are using these to incentivise them to do well.

“While money continues to play a role in rewarding good exam results, our research shows parents are increasingly looking for specific practical items that can help their child’s development too – such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones.”

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