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Over 350,000 EE customers download Pokemon Go in a day

Alex Yau
July 15, 2016

The latest game in the Nintendo franchise was launched in the UK yesterday (July 14)

EE claims it has seen more than 350,000 unique downloads of Nintendo’s recent Pokemon Go smartphone game a day before its release on July 14.

It is the latest game from the popular Pokemon franchise launched by video game giant Nintendo in 1995. The series, which includes various games, books and TV series, centres around a fantasy world where humans capture fictional creatures (Pokemon) to train and battle them.

Using their phone’s GPS, users must physically navigate the real world locating and capturing these Pokemon. The game was officially launched in the UK on July 14, but EE customers had found alternative methods to download the game outside iOS and Android app stores.

The game has since helped Nintendo shares skyrocket by 50 per cent to over £5 billion. Reports claim it has 21 million active users and is making at least £1.2 million a day in the US alone.

EE head of video and content strategy Matt Stagg said: “This is the fastest take up of an app or game we’ve ever seen – and that’s before it’s officially launched! People across the country are going to be relying on a mobile data network that’s everywhere they go.”

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