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Online retailers need to start optimising their apps for 5G now rather than wait until 2019 5G benefits

Matthew Cook
March 23, 2018

5G benefits of speed and latency will bring improvements in the online buying experience

Online retailers must optimist their apps and platforms now to take advantage of 5G rather than leave it too late warns Dave Stark, CEO of UK online selling platform provider Conversity.

In 2019 5G is set to revolutionise the speed with which online transactions take place with improved latency but Stark told Mobile News: “First and foremost, innovation should center on the positive changes that can be made in the present.

“If this is done, retailers will be much better prepared to maximise the potential of 5G.” Guided selling (GS) is one example of innovative technology that may improve the consumer experience.

GS tech provides needs-based recommendations to customers via purchasing histories and browsing habits, increasing repeat buyer trends and informed purchases.

Stark added: “Intelligent guided selling is a strong example of the direction in which retailers should be looking, such technologies can be adopted right now, and are crucial tools in maximising the power of digital.”

Stark also suggested that retailers must keep online representations of their stores fresh, informative and convenient.

With high street UK consumer spending dropping last month for the first time in five years online shopping may see a rise.

Stark said: “Retailers need to do everything in their power to cater to the needs of the tech-savvy, mobile focused generation of modern consumers. Unfortunately, this isn’t happening frequently enough at present.”

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