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Ofcom introduce scorecards to help compare phone and broadband firms

Saf Malik
January 9, 2020

The regulator has teamed with the UK Regulators Network to compare the biggest companies

Ofcom has announced scorecards that allow phone and broadband customers to compare which providers offer the best service and value for money.

The national communications regulator has teamed with the UK Regulators Network (UKRN) to publish scorecards that help customers compare phone and broadband firms.

Broadband, landline and mobile customers can use this customer service checker to easily see which providers perform best for customer satisfaction, complaints and value for money.

Ofcom’s consumer group director Lindsey Fussell said: “When you’re shopping around for a phone or broadband provider, there are lots of different things to think about – from price to the quality of service you’re likely to get.

“These scorecards help you easily compare how different providers perform, so you can choose the right service for you.”

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