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O2 launches various benefits for new and upgrading customers

Saf Malik
December 5, 2019

O2 extras will offer free memberships to one of various services

O2 today announced the launch of O2 extras, offering memberships to Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music, Audible and others.

O2 extras builds upon O2’s custom plans which offer increased flexibility and affordability by enabling customers to choose the upfront cost of their phone, select the contract length and flex their data allowance every month.

O2 extras are available to new and upgrading O2 Pay Monthly customers on handset, tablet and SIM-only contracts.

New customers and customers upgrading to 30GB per month contracts will receive six-month memberships to a service of their choice and those on 5GB – 30GB per month will enjoy three-month memberships. mobile and tech expert Rehan Ali said: “The timing of O2’s extras is a smart play, as Amazon Prime Video subscriptions give customers lots of value. Not only do you benefit from a wide range of exciting, exclusive boxsets, you also get a wide range of films and TV shows.

“The latest string to Amazon’s bow is live Premier League football, and although we’ve just had the first round of Premier League games shown live on Prime, we still have another round of games to come later this month.

“As well as the free Prime Video subscription the addition of an international bolt on, will really help sell this deal to regular travellers, as this will help them keep their roaming bills down, leaving more cash for them to spend on enjoying their holidays.”

O2 extras launch today.

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