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O2 launches unlimited cloud storage service

Paul Withers
November 11, 2015

‘Store & Share’ enables customers to upload all content from mobile and computer devices to the cloud for £5 a month 

O2 has launched Store & Share, a new service that offers customers unlimited cloud storage for them to securely save their mobile content to.

For £5 a month, they can store all the content they want from their smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops in the cloud.

Available for both Android and iOS, they can store all the content they wish from their smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops for £5 a month. There is also an option of accessing 32GB of storage space for £2 a month, or free access to 8GB of storage.

It enables customers to securely store and access content across all of their devices and share with others. They can also stream their videos or music from the cloud to any device.

‘Store & Share’ is available to both contract and prepay customers using an Android or iOS device. They can open an account using their ‘My O2’ sign in details, where they can set up an account and choose their storage preference. They can also download the app from the relevant store to manage their content.

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