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O2 enables monthly customers to adjust bills every month

Ariana Khushal
October 26, 2017

Customers can change data tariffs and price every month starting from tomorrow (Oct 27)

O2 has announced from tomorrow (Oct 27) pay monthly customers can change data tariffs every month, moving bills up or down in price.

For example customers can choose 50GB of data for £41 per month and then switch to £19 per month if they want to decrease data. Customers can change tariffs monthly via the MyO2 app, in store or over the phone.

In April 2013 the operator launched ‘Refresh’ ensuring that customers don’t pay for the phone they already own.

However, research from Citizens Advice found that other mobile network operators continue to charge customers for the devices that they already paid off.

O2 CEO Mark Evans said: “Forcing customers to continue to pay for a phone they already own not only hits their pockets but undermines trust and the reputation of the industry. We’d like to see other operators review their position and follow our lead with transparent tariffs that put customers in control.”

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