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O2 closes franchise stores programme

Staff Reporter
September 26, 2022

Franchise stores to be taken over by O2

The majority of O2 independent franchised business stores are to be taken over by O2 following a decision to cease its store franchise operation which has been running since 2005.
     Most franchise stores will be taken over by O2 and the staff working in them will be transferred to roles in O2.
     O2 said it was not in a position to confirm numbers at this time. The exit of its franchise channel will be rolled out over the coming months and years, and the network says its priority is communication with Franchisees.
     The franchisees O2 include:
     Avertec (24 stores), BAK and Southern Connection (21 stores), Celfone Trading (six stores), Communications Plus (20 stores), East Midlands Communications (two stores), Fone Trading Zone (two stores), JAR Communications (five stores), Lordwardens Consultancy (four stores), MID Communications (16 stores), MMD Communications (18 stores), Talk Direct Leeds (16 stores), and Talk Talk Mobile Phones (37 stores).
      A statement from O2 said:
     “To deliver the great products and services our customers expect, we sometimes need to evaluate how our business operates. After reviewing our retail strategy we’ve decided we will be bringing the majority of franchise stores under company ownership over time, investing in refurbishments to enhance our customers’ high street experience and creating opportunities for franchise employees to join the O2 business.”
     O2 has run a mix of company-owned stores and franchise outlets since 2005.

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