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Nokia tweaks AI algorithms to cut network energy costs

Staff Reporter
March 30, 2023

Nokia says that new algorithms in the AV software in its network hardware can reduce power usage by up to 30 per cent.

The enhanced software allows operators to shut down idling and unused equipment automatically and disconnect hardware through remote power control modules.

The improved machine learning algorithms can lower power consumption in data centres, network base stations, batteries, and air conditioning units in telco networks.

Networks spend up to 20 per cent of their total revenue on energy costs, according to analysts Analysys Mason’s

“Efficient energy consumption is an increasingly important aspect of network operations. Communications service providers recognize it as being a strategic imperative for their business and they want tools that will meaningfully help meet increased network customer demands while lowering energy consumption” said Analysys Mason consultant Michela Venturelli.

According to Nokia, around 80 per cent of a network’s energy consumption is the radio equipment The rest is used by transport and maintenance components such as air conditions,

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