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Nokia announces Google Cloud, AWS and Azure partnerships

Paul Lipscombe
March 15, 2021

The telco is focusing heavily on bolstering its portfolio of cloud partners

Nokia has announced partnerships with Google Cloud, AWS and Azure to expand its cloud offering.

The partnerships with the three cloud service providers will also focus heavily on 5G.

The Finnish telco has partnered with Google Cloud to develop new cloud-based systems 5G radio solutions.

As part of this Nokia and Google Cloud will partner together to develop 5G solutions that combines Nokia’s Radio Access Network (RAN), Open RAN, and Cloud RAN, with Google’s edge computing platform.

This will enable CSPs to drive additional 5G monetisation opportunities.

Nokia is also working with AWS to enable cloud-based 5G radio solutions, to extend reach of Cloud RAN and Open RAN technology, while speeding up the deployment of new customer-focused 5G opportunities.

There’s also a focus on enterprise, with Nokia partnering with Microsoft to develop cloud solutions for Azure.

This will see Nokia integrate its cloud RAN technology with Microsoft Azure to drive end-user 5G deployments.

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